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Aluku Rebels/Records (African & Deep House Music)
Aluku Rebels Podcast
Category: Deep House
Location: London
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St.Denis (CEO,Aluku Rebels) Sucessfully been pushing deep/afro/tribal/future sounds as Aluku Rebels on Podomatic IN 2010 who...

by Aluku Rebel...
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August 20, 2014 05:46 PM PDT

Africa on Kepler 22b Pt.4

Special Summer sunset futuristic Deep ,Afro ,Dub Tech House mix coming from South Africa's finest, UK's Deepest and many other talented producers around the world.Exclusive Promos from Surreal Sounds ,DJ Garphie , Jonny Miller ,Dj Fale, Ta-ice,PM Projects ,Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz .

Hope you all enjoy.

"Be you,Stay true and one love from Aluku"

Track list :

1.Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz - Count Your Blessings (Spiritual Reprise).Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

2.Dj Fale - iFalensizwa (Original Mix) .Promo/2014 [FOMP]

3.P.M Project feat Lee - Oh Oh Darling .Promo/2014 [Soul Candi]

4.Shaun Ashby - True 2 Da Underground 2014 [Fused Records] 

5.Problem Child - ????(Ten83 Retro Urban Mix).2014 [Mofunk Records]

6.Punk & Da Capo - ???? .Promo/????

7.Ta-Ice - ???? .Promo/????

8.Dj Garphie - ???? .Promo/???? [Think!House Music]

9.Brie Boateng - Speak To Me (Trinidadian Remix).Promo/???? [FOMP]

10.Dj Umbi - Shelter Ritual (Main Mix) .2014 [DNH] 

11.George Munetsi - Watiza Meta (Monocles & Slezz meets betasweet Mix).2014 [Nulu Music]

12.Dj Umbi - Ruling Tribe (Main Mix) . 2014 [DNH]

13.Filsonik - Mandali .2010 

14.Demuir - Fire Signs .2014 [DNH]

15.Mizz - Story Of My Life .2013

16.???? - ???? (Jonny Miller Afro Tek Mix) .Promo/????

17.Gabbana Deejay - 1000 Before Deep (Gemini Boys Ritual Dub Mix).2011 

18.Gemini Boys - African Dream (2014 Uplifting Mix).2014 [Aluku Records]


*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:

August 14, 2014 02:50 AM PDT

Africa@Night Pt.

Hello organic Deep House Heads, Its that time and a bit overdue with the mix this month but ripe n ready to go for you all to enjoy. This mix is packed with exclusive music from South Africa,Angola and Botswana along with some personal favs coming from Boddhi Satva,D'oke and Punk .This mix is so exclusive that even us was not keen to track list it but have come to a agreement to give you 60% below.The journey is very hard,tense,deep and futuristic afro tech house towards the end .Hope you all enjoy and thanks for sharing,Downloading n taking the time out to hear.

Be you ,Stay true and one love from Aluku


Track list :

1.Anane - Sodade (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix).2014 [Vega Records]

2.D'oke - A Quite Evening .2014

3.G'Sparks - Paka N'Simba Ani Lume .Promo/????

4.???? - ???? (Homeboyz Ancestral Remix).Promo

5.Dj Chrispin ft Keoroma - ???? (Benga Boys Dance Mix).Promo/???? [Aluku Records]

6.Homeboyz - ???? .Promo/????

7.???? - Vhavenda (Punk's Sacred Land Edit).Unreleased/2012

8.???? - ????

9.Black Motion - We Going Higher (????).Unreleased/????

10.???? - ????

11.???? - ????

12.Dj La Puto feat Timmy & - Monate Khokho .Promo/???? [Aluku Records]

13.???? - ????

14.Culoe De Song - Dimensions .2014

15.Dj Clock - Kiss & Say Goodbye (Denivel Line Underground Deep Feelings Mix).Unreleased/2014

16.Rudo Deep - The Announcement (Jonny Miller AfroTek Mix).2014 [D.M Recordings]

17.Rabs Vhafuwi - ???? .Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

18.Hood Natives - Drowning (Yoruba Soul Mix) .Promo/2014 [Hood Natives Recordings]


*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:




July 16, 2014 04:36 PM PDT

Africa on Kepler 22b pt.4


Good day deep house lovers,


July mix is here and again we go very futurestic ambient vibes  added with Dub Tech sounds and very Ritual organic elements that we hope you enjoy , Journey is very mixed from producers in Angola,South Africa,Spain,USA,Brazil,France,DRC,Botswana and also UK,Catch a few promo's coming from Aluku Records later this year and also a deep project just released on AR from brazil by talent producer name L_cio with Congofluit followed by next week 26th July 2014 a promo by Gemini Boys called night n day exclusive on Traxsource. Many blessings to all across the globe and thanks for sharing,spreading the word of this very natrually rich music.


"Be you ,Stay true and one love from Aluku"  



Track list:

1.Rabs Vhafuwi - Sumbandila (Aluku Rebels Ritualmatic Intro).

2.Homeboyz - African Central Soul (AfroDrum's Agenda Mix).Unreleased

3.Black Motion Feat Jah Rich - Banane Mavoko (Jose Marquez Remix).2011 [Tribe Records]

4.D'oke - Free Souls.2014

5.Luka Ft Mz Jay - Part of Me (At One Stripped Dub) .2014 [FOMP]

6.K'zela & Stylish Dj ft Khush Queen - ????.Promo [Aluku Records]

7.Mushroom Boyz - The Dub .2011 [City Deep]

8.D'oke - Dame Paz .2014 

9.Jaso Ft Mzee - Heta (At One Stripped Dub).Promo/2014 [Offering Recordings]

10.The A-Team - Struggles,Dreams & Life .2010 [Bomba Records]

11.Nomzamo Dlamini - Lobola (Sbonza Transitions Dub Mix).2010 [Bomba Records]

12.Beyond Tone Ft Ceri - Quietly Sexy (BT DJs Mix).2014 [FOMP]

13.Team Distant ft Khoisan Poet - Prayer (Original Mix).Promo

14.???? - ???? (Thabzen Bibo Dub).Unreleased

15.TLDreams ft Djeff - Undi Da Ki Panha (Djeff Kazukuta Remix).2014 [Nulu Music]

16.Denivel Line - ???? .Promo [Aluku Records]

17.G'Sparks ft M'Rick & Oj - Tabiya Ya Ko .Promo/????

18.Alex Finkin - Le Soleil (Main Mix).2014 [Djoon Experience]

19.Abza ft Taminology - Batho Batho (Garphie's Version).2014 [Think!House Music]

20.Gemini Boys - African Dream (2014 Upliftning Mix).2014 [Aluku Records] PROMO OUT 26TH JULY

21.L_cio - Congofluit (Azee 3am Mix).Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]  



*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:


June 09, 2014 04:05 AM PDT

Africa on Kepler 22b pt.3

Hi Everyone ,

AOK22B is back and as many enjoyed the two last shows in 2013 "Journey Through Kepler 22b" & "Nibiru is Near" we decided to bring back a part 3 of this more deeper ambient futuristic afro house sound with plenty of goddies from AR and also our current favs along the way.Hope you all enjoy and thank you all for supporting .

"Be you,Stay true and one love from Aluku"

Track list:

1.K'zela & Stylish Dj - ???? .Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

2.D'oke - Moon Chant .2014 

3.MKTL - Wild Kingdom (Boddhi Satva's Ancestry Mix).2014 [gotsoul]

4.Dijay Trik - Manaledi's Block (Rebels Ground Mix).Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

5.Swazi Men - Capambi (Eddhi Cheq & Rosario Heartistic Remix).2014 [DM Recordings]

6.Fast Vision Soul & 60 Hertz - Tapta Beach (BlackJean and Marvin K Jungle in PTA Mix).2012 [GOGO Music]

7.Mushroom Boyz - The Embouchure (Original Mix) .Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

8.Dj Fale - Visions .2014 [DNH]

9.Problem Child & ???? - ???? .Promo

10.????? - ???? .

11.Echo12inch - Shadow Moses .2013

12.Problem Child - Masenya Beats .Promo

13.Paso Doble feat Amera - My World (Gemini Boys Mix).2011 [Cabana Recordings]

14.Gemini Boys - Project Deep West . Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

May 28, 2014 06:48 PM PDT

Hi Everyone, Today is the last but not least member of Aluku Rebels and is a guy we have been promoting for over 4 years now ,He has transformed the south African tribal house to another level and he goes by the name of Problem Child from Polokwane ,His unique journey of cinematic energetic tribal goes under the name of "Drummerville" and also have a very 90s jazzy deep style influenced by his 90s US & UK Garage house music upbringing called "Ten83".With both styles carrying hard sub bass lines ,errie hypnotic sounds used with Jazz instrument have clearly caught the ears of many real deep house heads from across the globe and we are proud again to have this guy part of the AR team .Hope you enjoy this great journey of the full PC .

Track list:

1.Problem Child - Drums of Peace .Promo/2014

2.Problem Child - Motshwarathipa Bogaleng .2014 [Mo Funk Ancestral]

3.Problem Child - Amawele .2014 [Mo Funk Ancestral]

4.Problem Child - Fire .2014 [Aluku Records]

5.Problem Child - Dinaka Tool

6.Problem Child - Dr3000 .Promo/????

7.Problem Child - Mo Bass .Promo/????

8.Problem Child Ten83 Ft.Nkagi  - I Found You

9.Problem Child - Payaya (Fs3 Fans Appreciation Mix).Unreleased/????

10.Problem Child - Masenya Beats .Promo/2014





Problem Child Fans Page :


Problem Child MP3/WAV Music : 


*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:



May 21, 2014 08:10 PM PDT

Aluku Rebel Member #4 comes from from Botswana by the name of Chrispin The Drummer who is a live percussionist ,Dj and Producer who is a rising star from that part of Africa.

 St.Denis connected with him at a New Years event 2014 @Morobosi as a double act and both performed like they knew each other for years and was the big factor for him to be part of AR as he has the drive,Energy and passion for what we stand for, With his first track coming out this week on AR003 Various Compilation "Fire on The Mountain" on Traxsource im sure many will grow to this lads style .

This Session has also a first live percussion added in the recording so you get the whole picture and live feel of Chrispin.Hope you all enjoy and next week is our final member under the name of Problem Child Ten83 .

Track list:

1.Marissa Guzman ft.D'oke - ???? .Promo

2.Rabs Vhafuwi - Sumbandila .Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

3.G'Sparks - Dilolo .2014

4.FearlessBoys - Pointer(Remake)

5.Black Coffee Ft Black Motion - In Da Jungle

6.Problem Child - Masenya Beats .Promo/2014

7.FearlessBoys - Be My Lover

8.A.T.I - O Tsididi (Deejay Binos Touch)

9.Moneoa - Molo (Pex Africa Remix)


11.Uhuru Ft Shimza - Shimza

12.Micasa - These Streets (Team Distant Remake).Unreleased

13.???? - ????




Chrispin The Drummer FB Page:




*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:


May 14, 2014 04:46 PM PDT

Aluku Rebels member #2 G'Sparks and very proud and privileged to have this guy added to the AR Camp .

When St.Denis had his first tour in southern Africa this talented producer music was always featured on his sets with his signature Spilulu Music which set the crowed on fire over Botswana's Morobosi new years event and had no choice to approached him as AR is about pushing a different range of African house music from not just the main hotspots like South Africa and Angola but DRC.

This guy is the main pioneer music producer behind most Congolese Music at present producing music for the main commerical music from that part of the motherland in mayjor fashion.

We first heard his music on his own label Bomba Records under  A-Team EP 2010 with a very deep hard underground ritual track called "Bakishi" and didn't know to over a year later that he was behind it until we interacted via social media site such as Facebook .

His countless No.1 traxsource hits from labels such as Offering Recordings and Nulu Music have gained him big respect with tracks such as Mukubwa,Kimba Bwana and current 2014 hit "Dilolo" along with new remixes on DM Recordings called Indian Time that sets his music in his own bracket and very honoured to say the least.We hope you enjoy this SPILULU SESSION with plenty of his projects current and promos with one expected to be released on Aluku Records very soon.

Next week on the 22nd May we hit down to Botswana with Hype electro drummer and growing talent Chrispin The Drummer.



1.Lokwa Kanza - ????? (Spilululized).Promo/????

2.Blaq Soul - Crying River (Spilulu Kishima).

3.G'Sparks - Demons (Original).Promo/????

4.G'Sparks - Twende (Original).Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

5.G'Sparks ft Dj Alpha - Mapi Mu Mashikiyo .Promo/????

6.Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball(Spilulu Mu Mangoma).Unreleased/2013

7.G'Sparks ft Sylvie Kibawa - Akuna Mungu Kama.2014

8.G'Sparks ft Super Tonton & Mike - Tombosha Bantu .Promo/????

9.G'Sparks ft Djo Kizy - Carrosserie(Main).Promo/????

10.G'Sparks - Dilolo (Bomb H Vocal Edit).2014 [Omni Music]

11.Dj News - Kwatxira (Spilulu Mu Mangoma).Promo/????



G'Sparks FB Page:


G'Sparks Mp3 Music download:


*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:

May 07, 2014 07:27 AM PDT

Hello Deep House Lovers,

Today we present new member #1 talented Dj/Producers from Johannesburg South Africa MUSHROOM BOYZ. These guys have been producing unique deep and afro house music for a while now and always been a big supporter of their musical journey for years so when it came to expanding AR I always had these guys on mind for the intelligent they put in their production and musical knowledge that has always been ahead most afro/deep producers in the game .

This mix(Journey) pretty much sums up the their angle of deep house with main influence of European electronic/tech producers along this one.Hope you all enjoy and next up is G'Sparks (DRC)15th May 2014.

Track list:

1.Leif - Every Cloud (Original).2013 [Ornate Music] 

2.The Tortoise - Lost Forever (Original).2011 [Dirt Crew Recordings] 

3.Tom Ellis,Sek - Nasty Luv (Tom Ellis Remix). 2012 [Trazable Recordings] 

4.Lo-Fish - I Come Loudly(Alvaro Hylander Remix). 2014 [Stab Recordings ] 

5.Westpark Unit - Audio Brand (Original) .2007 [Farside Records]

6.Om Phonic - Come Live (Original Mix) .2013 [Shoes, Bags And Boys]

7.Rampa - Chai Jen Jen (Original).2014 [Keinemusik]

8.Renato Ratier - Teatime (Yoruba Soul Mix).2014 [D-edge Records] 

9.Romanthony - Trust (Motor City Drum Ensemble Mix).2014 [Glasgow Underground] 

10.Mushroom Boyz - Embouchure (Original Mix) .Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]


11.Hyenah - The Wish (Manoo Like Apfelschorle Remix).2014 [Freerange Records] 



Mushroom Boyz FB page:


Mushroom Boyz Music: 


*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:

April 30, 2014 11:35 PM PDT

Hi Everyone, This is a special month and a new beginning of the all NEW Aluku Rebels crew with now added members and very proud to congratulate Problem Child(SA),G'Sparks(DRC),Mushroom Boyz(SA) and Chrispin The Drummer(BOTS)who are all part of the AR Global unit.

Over the next few weeks of May 2014 all Dj/Producers will all feature with one hour mixes on the podcast show and again in the future from this day forward. St Denis was always going to expand the group at some stage as he had to justify the word REBELS which so many thought it was a group .

As we kick of the first show with St.Denis giving to you his full exclusive African/Deep House 1hr mix of Ancestral,Tribal ,Angolan Afro House along with some Deep stuff for you all to enjoy.

Next week on the 8th May will be Mushroom Boyz followed by G'Sparks (15th May)Chrispin The Drummer(22nd May) finished of with Problem Child(29th May).

Track list

1.???? - Na Ngayte (Over12 Guettoz Touch Mix)

2.Dj Garphie - Afreekadela .Promo/????

3.G'Sparks - ???? .Promo/????

4.???? - Voleda .

5.???? - Inja Emnyama (Maphorisa N Clap Uhuru Mix)

6.Hanna Hais - Ka Donke (Boddhi Satva Nibbana's Dub).2010 [Atal]

7.Character - Bayabaleka (Black Motion Remix)

8.Afrikan Roots Ft.Dr Renas & Bongo Africa - Dakalo(Main Mix)

9.Problem Child - Sticky Beats (Tool) .2014 [Aluku Records]

10.Mafikizolo Ft Uhuru - Khona (RootedSoul Remix)

11.Mushroom Boyz - Mokete Naheng .2010 [Smoove Agent] 

12.Craze M & Toffee Brown - Butterflies (Rancido's Traveling Soul Mix).2014 [FOMP]

13.Marissa Guzman ft.D'oke - ???? (Soul Fortune 86 Dub Mix).Promo/????

14.Stones & Bones - Wrong U (Luka Deep Vox-Rub).2014 [FOMP]

15.Dj Sqwayi - Hood Session (Original Mix).2014 [HNP] 





*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:

March 30, 2014 10:15 AM PDT

Hello Ladys and Gents , Aluku Rebels is at it again with this month mix full of South African & Angolan Tribal Afro House Music with touches of Afro Tech and Deep House tracks along the journey. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for the support.

Be you ,Stay True ,One love from Aluku


Track list:

(INTRO) The Wild at night  (Real life Sounds)


1.Sir Visca - Man of Steel

2.EleRoots - Beats Religion (Original Mix).2014 [FOMP]

3.Rabs Vhafuwi - ???? .Promo/????

4.Problem Child Ten83 - Drummerville Kingdom . 2014 [Aluku Records]

5.Problem Child - Thando Lwami . 2014 [Mo'Funk Records]

6.Black Motion - ???? .Promo

7.Justin Imperiale Feat. Rescue Poetix - Whispers In The Wind (T's Vialocal Vox) .Promo/2014 [Cabana Recordings]

8.Maugrabins Progetto - Three Drums .Promo/2014 [Aluku Records]

9.????? - ????

10.???? - ????

11.Os Detroia - Bela (Afrikan Roots Remix).Unreleased/2014

12.???? - ????

13.???? - ????

14.Boddhi Satva ft.Game Walla - Apaga O Fogo (Uhuru Remixs).2014 [Offering Recordings]

15.Soulprovider ft Rootedsoul - ????? (Benny T Remix) .Promo/????

16.D'oke Ft Marissa Guzman - Better Days (G'Sparks Atshana Na Spilulu's Remix).Promo/????

17.Problem Child - ???? .Promo/????

18.Dj Sqwayi - Back 2 Back (Original) .Promo/2014

19.Dj Clock ft Bkay - Something Keep Me Going .2013

20.Collective Effort - It's Just A Feeling (Rhodes 2 Dub Mix) .1996


Aluku Records second release by Problem Child - Drummerville EP  is OUT NOW via Traxsource link below:



*Aluku Rebels Website/NEWS/VIDEOS/SNIPPETS + MORE (Sign up for Free and the doors will open)


*Feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay in contact as facbook page is full:

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