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Aluku Rebels/Records (African Deep/Electronic House Music)
Aluku Rebels Podcast
Category: Deep House
Location: London
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Aluku Rebels Sucessfully been pushing deep/afro/tribal/future sounds as Aluku Rebels on Podomatic IN 2010 who then teamed up...

by Aluku Rebel...
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September 04, 2017 05:58 AM PDT

Last mix of the year and final jigsaw of this 4 piece podcast with plenty of Aluku Records promos for 2017/2018 . Catch plenty of stuff out on the mp3 market as Aluku Rebels takes you on a journey of pure Afro Deep and Afro tech house music. Hope you all enjoy .

"Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU"

Track list:

1.Team Distant - The Village (Botswana Reprise) .PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

2.Freddy Da Stupid - ???? (Original Ancestral Mix) .PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

3.Afrokillerz - Ninja (Original Mix) .PROMO/2017

4.Neter Supreme - Element Zero (Aku Ritual Mix) .2017 [Aluku Records]

5.Neter Supreme - Gnosis (Akw bAk DrumDown) .2017 [Original Drum Hsi]

6.Luis Radio - Eyes Of The Drums .2017 [Making Moves]

7.Meith ft B Show - Devil Inside Us (Original Afro Deep Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017

8.104 BPM - Fodi's Hum (Original Mix) .2017 [D.M Recordings]

9.Manoo,Raoul K ,Ahmed Sosso - Toukan (Dixon Rework) .2017 [Innervisions]

10.Atjazz - Track 6 (Mix 1) .2017 [Atjazz Recording Co.]

11.&ME - Avalon (Original Mix) .2017 [Keinemusik]

12.Problem Child Ten83 - Masenya Beats .2016 [Aluku Records]

13.XtetiQsoul - Revelation (Original Mix) .2017 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

14.Stones & Bones ft Mpumi - Masambe (Original Mix) .2017 [MoBlack Records]

15.Robbie Rivera - Feel This (Original Mix) .1996 [Strictly Rythm]

16.Soulholic,7Options - Error (Original Mix) .2017 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

17.Blaq Owl - Final Walk (Original Mix) .2017 [Blaq Owl Music]

18.Team Distant - Kronos (Original Tech Drum Mix) .PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

19.Culoe De Song - Rambo (Original Mix) .2017

20.NjHouseHead - This is My Music (Original Mix) .2017 [Housahaulic Records]

21.De Mongul ft Ms Mo & Makhensa - Oe Batla Kae (Original Mix) .2017

22.Meith - Oya (Original Afro Tech Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017

23.Kususa & Soulholic - Icilongo (Dub Mix) .2017 [MoBlack Music]

24.Enoo Napa & Soulem - Deliverence (Original Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Lilac Jeans Records]

25.Chanell Collen - Sakura (Original Mix) .2017 [Aluku Records] 


Most tracks can be brought via MP3/WAV at Traxsource.com

June 22, 2017 05:04 PM PDT

Aluku Records Various Compilation Vol.4 (Mixed by Aluku Rebels)

1hr promo mix by Aluku Rebels for this years Aluku Records Compilation Vol.4 exploring the more afro electronic sounds from South Africa and Botswana.

All tracks in this track list are now avilable in the link below via Aluku Records on Traxsource

Traxsource link:


Track list:

1.Behr - Spoeks (Original Mix)

2.Leeu - Mutwa Stone (Deep Mix)

3.Vaal Deep - Ravenclaw (Dark Mix)

4.Ace Mantez - Deep into Thoughts (Original Mix)

5.Neuvikal Soule - The Brightness (Harizon on Mars Mix)

6.Soulem - Mirrors (Original Afro Tech Mix)

7.Dj Chrispin,Team Distant,Han-C - Sedi Laaka (Benny T's Botswana Afro Tech Instrumental Mix)

8.Chanell Collen - Sakura (Original Mix)

9.Infected Soul - Stratosphere (Original Mix)

10.De Cave Man & TonicVolts - Phoenix (Original Mix)

11.Enoo Napa - Pluto's Calling (Original Afro Tech Mix)

12.Tribe Franko - I (Original Mix) 

 Supported by

Vinny da Vinci,Booker T,Abicah Soul,Hyenah,Da Capo,Djoon,MoBlack,Shimza,Djeff,Souldynamic,Carlos Mena,Zepherin Saint,Hanna Hais,Floyd Lavine,Pablo Martinez,Just Mo,Madorasinthehouse,Sabine Blazin,Craig Smith,Dj Angelo,At One,Rancido,Pascal Morais,D-Malice,Jonny Miller,Jackson Brainwave,Djuma Soundsystem Marcia Carr, and more.... 


Hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting artist and label.

Aluku Records(London,UK)

June 20, 2017 01:45 AM PDT

Hi Music lovers,

Third chapter of the 4 piece Aluku Rebels 2017 podcast Jigsaw with plenty of Promo stuff from new labels Rise(Germany) and Bayacou Records(USA) along with Offering Recordings(BEL) Atjazz Recording Company(UK),Kazukuta(POR) along with a bag of stuff from Aluku Records.

Again a mixture of pure organic mix with electronic afro house flavors and be on the look out for a few tracks featuring on the AR Various Compilation Vol.4 out on promo exclusive to Traxsource now. Hope you all enjoy the ride

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam - Zid Lmel . PROMO/2017 [Offering Recordings]

2.Floyd Lavine - Masala (Jungle Boogie Mix) . PROMO/2017 [Rise]

3.Ezel - Indio . PROMO/2017 [Bayacou Records]

4.Andreas Saag - People Say (Pol_On Remix) . 2016 [Freerange]

5.Bruce Loko - Catalyst . 2016 [Stay True Sounds]

6.Ezel - Origins . PROMO/2017 [Bayacou Records]

7.Da Capo - Velvet Clouds . 2016 [Soulistic Music]

8.Pablo Fierro - La Palma . 2017 [Innervisions]

9.Afrokillerz - Overdose . PROMO/???? [Kazukuta Records]

10.Osunlade - The 8th Chakra . 2017 [BBE Music]

11.Neter Supreme - Star Jumpah . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

12.Maalem Hammam - Belma Belma (Vanco Remix) . PROMO/2017 [Offering Recordings]

13.Chanell Collen - No Direction . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

14.Neuvikal Soule - The Brightness . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 23RD JUNE 2017

15.DJ Merlon feat Black Coffee & Khaya Mthethwa - Reflections (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2017 [D.M Recordings]

16.Ewonder ft Egudileyo - Moyo (Doug Gomez Merecumbetech Remix) 2017 [Merecumbe Recordings]

17.Ace Mantez - Deep in Thoughts . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 23RD JUNE 2017

18.Rampa - Bimma . 2017 [Innervisions]

19.Tribe Franko - I . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 23RD JUNE 2017

20.Gusto - Circulacion . 2014 [Detour]

21.De Cave Man & TonicVolts - Phoenix . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 23RD JUNE 2017

22.Thee Gobbs feat Tsholo - The Love (Atjazz Floor Dub) . PROMO/2017 [ARCo]

23.Leeu - Mutwa Stone . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] 


Most MP3/WAV tracks can be brought at Traxsource.com



May 18, 2017 08:11 AM PDT

Special Aluku Rebels summer warm up edition with plenty of promos from Aluku Records along with current and deep/tech house tracks from the past few years.Look out for a few tracks to come out on the AR Various Comp vol.4 next month (June 23rd 2017).

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to share and post to like-minded souls

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Osunlade - Atsuta Jingu . 2017 [BBE]

2.Bruce Loko - Xenolinguistics . PROMO/2017 [RedBull Studios SA]

3.Culoe De Song - Juice (Original Mix) . 2017 [Watergate]

4.Afrokillerz - Monalisa . PROMO/???? [Kazukuta Records]

5.Team Distant - Higher Voltage . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

6.Black Motion feat Nokwazi - Imali . 2016

7.Neter Supreme - Source Unchallenged (Xtra-Galatic Drumz) . 2016 [ODH]

8.Echo12inch ft Teezy & Tronix D - Amai (Original Mix) . PROMO/????

9.Ewonder ft Edudileyo - Moyo (Doug Gomez Merecumbetech Instrumental Mix) . PROMO/2017

10.Leeu & Bassa - Another Mans Treasure . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] RELEASE DATE 19TH MAY 2017

11.Mike Steva - Pelagonia . 2014 [Yoruba Records]

12.???? - ????

13.Djeff Afrozila ft Helen Ting - Awakening (Original Mix) . 2016 [Kazukuta Records]

14.Enoo Napa - Pluto's Calling (Original Afro Tech Mix) . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] RELEASE DATE 23RD JUNE 2017

15.Howling - X Machina (Cubicolor Remix) . 2016 [Toolroom]

16.Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moon - I Found You (Black Coffee Journey Remix) . 2017 [Crosstown Rebels]

17.Infected Soul - Stratosphere . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] RELEASE DATE 23RD JUNE 2017

18.Mr ID.Kawtar Sadik - Salat Ala Nabina (Sifa Remix) . 2017 [Offering Recordings]

19.Frankey & Sandrino - Izar . 2017 [Nouveau Niveau Records]

20.Soulem - Mirrors (Original Afro Tech Mix). PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] RELEASE DATE 23RD JUNE 2017

21.Yoko,Retza - Satori . 2016 [Watergate]

22.Atjazz - Track 4 (Mix 1) . PROMO/2017 [ARCo]

23.Isolee,Rajko Muller - Favouride . 2015


Most tracks tracks can be brought on MP3/WAV at Traxsource.com

March 24, 2017 07:59 AM PDT

Second chapter of the seasonal AR mixes with plenty of promo music on the go. This journey is mixture of very deep afro electronic and tech sounds with artist coming from across the globe such as South Africa,Botswana,USA,UK,Germany, France,Italy,Greece,Costa Rica and Netherlands . Hope you all enjoy

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU 


Track list:

1.O.D.H - Drum Path (Neteru Reprise). 2012 [Original Drum Hsi]

2.Mike Steva - Oasis (Hallex M Remix).PROMO/2017 [Yoruba Records]

3.Mr Raoul K - Evolution 2 .PROMO/????

4.Problem Child - In Memory Of Mphiri (Ten83 Main Mix) . 2012 [DNH]

5.Dj Clock feat Chicco Twala - Saba Kufa .2016

6.Team Distant - Country Side .PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] 

7.Max Marinacci ft Joydiel - Voice (Doug Gomez Instrumental Mix) .PROMO/????

8.Pietro Nicosia - Africanbeatz (MoBlack Mix) .2016 [MoBlack Records]

9.Zakes Batwini - Clap Your Hands (Afrikan Roots & Rootedsoul Mix) .BOOTLEG/2013

10.Corinda ft AfroTura - Supreme .2017 [Offering Recordings]

11.Benny T - Year of Graduation .2017 [Open Bar Music]

12.Culoe De Song - Aftermath .2017 [Watergate]

13.Dj Angelo & Thodoris Triantafillou - Shoestrings (Original Mix) 2017 [Glory Hill Studio]

14.SassyAzz - The Key Is Yours (Neter's Ka Aku Instrumental Mix) .2015 [Original Drum Hsi]

15.Mr Joe - Vector Groove .2017 [Watergate]

16.Anerah Yasole - Buisson Ardent. PROMO/2017 [Offering Recordings]

17.Ace Mantez - Tech Me To Bechuanaland .PROMO/2017 [Gondwana Records]

18.Coyu - Jusy Nin (Andre Lodermann Remix) .2017 [Best Works Records]

19.De Cave Man ,TonicVolts - Rural Development .PROMO/2017 [MoBlack Records]

20.Djuma Soundsystem,Pete Oak ft Lazarusman - Leave Us (Original Mix) .2015 [Audiomatique]

21.Isolee - Pisco . 2017 [Maeve]

22.Atjazz - Track 2 (Mix 1) .PROMO/2017 [Atjazz Record Company] 

23.Jullian Gomes ft.Sio - 1000 Memories (Yoruba Soul Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Atjazz Record Company]


Some tracks can be brought via MP3/WAV at Traxsource.com 

Team Distant - Country Side will be out on promo on the 14th April (Pre-order now at traxsource)

March 07, 2017 11:00 AM PST

Aluku Rebels Global Guest Show #1

Today is a new dawn for the guest shows and glad to be bringing back a few exclusive rare mixes by hand selected artist across the globe who infuse afro house music in many different forms plus it straight own production in their playlist so for many to get a better feel and understanding of the musical dimension express.

First up coming all the way from South Africa Aluku is proud to present EnaWadan to the show with his 1hr and 20 min mix packed with Afro and Deep house music he had produced over the years with some old,current and unreleased projects.

EnaWadan has been in the game for a good few years now working on projects for Sonar Kollektiv(GER),Ocha(USA),Offering Recordings(BEL),Aluku Records(UK),United Music(FRA),ThinkHouse!(UK)D.M Recordings(UK) to name a few and also done a remix for Black Coffee & Soulstar "Rock My World" along with being included on a Defected ITH compilation by the one and only Osunlade(Yoruba Records)back in 2012.

Last but not least top well established guys  such as Atjazz(UK),Timmy Regisford(USA) and Adam Rios(USA) all done remixes for him over the years says it all. Hope you all enjoy the show.


Music Link:




January 07, 2017 10:07 PM PST

First chapter of the season shows with plenty of Afro and Tech house music on the go just like the last few years starting of again organic sounds then taking you into the future with the techno side.Hope you all enjoy and feel free to share with like minded musical souls.

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU



1.Black Motion ft Madala Kunene & Mabi Thobejane - uGayo . 2016 [Spirit Motion]

2.Neter Supreme - Awakened Souls (Neter Paramount Mix) . 2016 [Original Drum Hsi]

3.Dj Clock - Sthelo My Boy . 2016

4.Denivel Line - Drums Of Morning . 2016 [Ghettoz Musik]

5.Dj Clock ft Habida - Chukie . 2016

6.EnaWadan - Oshiyena . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

7.Black Motion feat Celimpilo - Lalela . 2016 [Spirit Motion]

8.MA/JI - Unchain (Manoo Remix) . 2016 [Djoon Experience]

9.Samurai Yasusa & Soulholic - Noma's Theme . 2016 [MoBlack Records]

10.Dj Thes-Man feat Kimicoh - King Of Love (Jackson Brainwave Rub) . 2016 [OHYEA MUZIQ]

11.Rancido - Devil's Den (Original Mix & Lazarusman Acapella) . PROMO/2017 [Connaisseur Recordings]

12.Flashmob,Connected Soundsystem - Rave Casualty (Kalyma Remix) . 2016 [Connected Frontline]

13.Culoe De Song - Myth . 2016 [De Song Music]

14.Toto Chiavetta - Given Brain . 2016 [Innervisions]

15.Nonku & Hyenah - Soak It . 2016 [Objektivity]

16.Dubspeeka - She Loves (16Edit) . PROMO/2017 [Skeleton]

17.EnaWadan - Default Schema . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

18.Hallex M & Loic L - Zhurong . 2016 [MoBlack Records]

19.Oscar P - Going (Enoo Napa Remix) . PROMO/2017 [Open Bar Music]

20.Problem Child Ten83 - ???? . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

21.???? - Choices (Neter Supreme Galaktik Anthem Mix) . 2016 [Original Drum Hsi]


EnaWadan Oshiyena offical HD Video

November 16, 2016 05:28 PM PST

Africa@Night meets Africa On Mars Series

Yes yes African house music lovers,

It's a new dawn,a day and a new life with the podcast shows as this sadly will be the last Aluku Rebels monthly show after 6 years in the making and also the last mix of 2016 ,There will be special guest mixes instead and still in discussions to do a seasonal mix here exclusive by myself but in the mean time here is a special mix with the direction sound wise aluku sets will contain .

This is a straight Tribal,Afro Deep and Afro Tech sounds which is a mixture of bumping beats,Raw drums,Chants and futuristic sounds.Production by a very spiritual musical brother which will be revealed in the new year along with Boddhi Satva,Culoe De Song,Da Capo,Enoo Napa,DJ Clock,Fearless Boyz and more.

Thank you everyone that has been downloading,Sharing and supporting the show over the years,It's been a wonderful journey expressing all these different Afro House sounds monthy and the Aluku ride has only just started .

Big up all the Labels,Producers who have been giving me exclusive sounds and a special big up to Problem Child,Da Capo,D'Oke,Dj Garphie,G'Sparks TekniQ Gemini Boys,DJ Alpha,K'zela,Denz Devarez,Blaq Soul,Shaun Tiger,D Malice,Justin Imperiale,SoulPoizen,Punk,Mushroom Boys and many more for providing guest mixes over the years (NEW GUEST FOR 2017 WOOP WOOP)



full track list to be added early 2017.

October 09, 2016 04:07 AM PDT

Africa on Mars Series

Good day deeper n afro house music lovers,

October mix is ready and taking you again on a more futuristic journey of Afro Tech and Deep House music with plenty of Promo music with artist coming from SA,USA,GER,UK,BRA,ITA,KEN,ANG and BW .This mix is dedicated to a special event i played with in Kenya last month called GONDWANA.... "Sam the last 25 mins is your time". Hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting. "

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU"

Track list:

1.Pablo Martinez - RUFD (P4BLO Mix) . 2016 [Kleaf]

2.Quarion - Monolith . 2016 [Innervisions]

3.Jullian Gomes feat Lazarusman - The System . PROMO/2016 [Atjazz Record Co.]

4.Culoe De Song - Typhoon . 2016 [De Song Music]

5.Rafael Moraes - Brookline . 2016 [Get Physical]

6.YouANDme, The Analog Roland Orchestra, Black Soda - Reflection (Hyenah Remix) 2016 [Poker Flat]

7.De Cave Man - Mind Frequencies (Enoo Napa Afro Tech Mix) . 2016 [MoBlack Records]

8.Toto Chiavetta feat Moby Ngom - Nano Jubo . 2016 [Yoruba Records]

9.Black Coffee feat Thiwe - Crazy (Manoo & Francois Aymonier Deep Journey) . 2016 [SubSensual]

10.Justin Imperiale ft Max Paparell - (M.Caporale Remix) . 2016 [Cabana Recordings]

11.Kato Change feat Winyo - Abiro (Riot Stereo & SURAJ Remix) . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

12.FNX ft Said Rifai - Ghomari . 2016 [MoBlack Records]

13.Denivel Line - Wild Spirits (Wild Mix) . PROMO/2016 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 28TH OCT 2016

14.Toto Chiavetta feat Kev Kruz - Boy Of The Jungle . 2016 [Yoruba Records]

15.Guyana Son ft Tshaka Campbell - Davinci Code . PROMO/????

16.Kerri Chandler - Central Africa . 2002

17.Problem Child Ten83 - Qa!(Ten83 Drummerville Mix] . 2016 [Aluku Records]

18.Cuebur - Side Show (Original Mix) . 2016 [MoBlack Records]

19.Denivel Line - Hay! (Afro Subway Deep Mix) . PROMO/2016 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 28TH OCT 2016

20.Dj Oats - Music No Politics (Original Mix) . PROMO/2016 [MoBlack Records]

21.Echo12Inch - Shadow Moses . 2012

22.Prince Kaybee - Don't Give Up (Remake) . 2015 


Most MP3/WAV tracks above can be brought Traxsource.com 

September 04, 2016 10:04 AM PDT

September mix is ready and again a mixture of Organic meets electronic African house music (Afro House) with sounds of Ritual ,Afro tech,Afro Deep and some deep house vibes united as one , starting of the journey with more Hi-Life SA/ANG afro music then taking it deeper dubby mixer with Afro Tech music. Plenty of Promo's from Aluku Records and also Yoruba,MoBlack,DM Recordings. Hope you enjoy this mix and stay blessed . Feel free to share to close musical friends,Family and love one's .

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU

Track list:

1.Freddy Da Stupid - Ethiopia Origins(Intro) . PROMO/2016 [Aluku Records]

2.Boddhi Satva , Dj Satelite & Fredy Massamba - Xe Mana Bella (Main Mix) . 2016 [Offering Recordings]

3.Denivel Line - ???? . PROMO/2016 [Aluku Records]

4.Afrikan Roots ft Cici & Ismael - Jabula . PROMO/2016

5.Mzee & Rafiki ft Nurse - Vadelela . PROMO/2016

6.Stones & Bones ft Drumetic Boyz - Delilah [House of Stone]

7.Deep Character - NY Dream (Rancido's Deep Journey Spirits Dub) . 2016 [Street King]

8.Toto Chiavetta ft Mateo Senolia - Anylonger . PROMO/2016 [Yoruba Records]

9.Tolis - ???? (Tikis Remix) . PROMO/????

10.Culoe De Song feat Thandiswa Mazwai - Nguwe 2 . 2016 [De Song Music]

11.Doug Gomez - Seranata Para Theresa . 2016 [MoBlack Records]

12.Tuccillo,Kiko Navarro - Lovery (Souldynamic Remix) . 2016 [King Street]

13.Hypesoul - Home Coming (Original Mix) . PROMO/2016 [D.M Recordings]

14.Bob'ezy ft Sanai - Close To You (Mizz Afro Mix) . 2016

15.Soulem & Enoo Napa - Afro Anthem . PROMO/2016 [Aluku Records]

16.Hyenah,Kissey - Fire . PROMO/2016 [Toy Tonics]

17.???? - Burning Sky (Original Mix) . PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records]

18.Toto Chiavetta - ft Tshaka Cambell - Impermanence . PROMO/2016 [Yoruba Records]

19.Soulem - Apple . PROMO/2016 [Aluku Records]

20.Miguel Puente - Enki (Hyenah's African Techno Dub] . 2016 [Akbal Music]

21.Manoo - Kodjo . 2008

22.&ME - Cape Coast . PROMO/2016 [Keinemusik]

23.FatouMata - Wigeon (Original Mix) . PROMO/2016 [MoBlack Records]

24.Enoo Napa - Mavovo's Groove . UNRELEASED/2015


Most tracks can be brought at Traxsource.com 


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