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Aluku Rebels/Records (African House/Electronic House Music)
Aluku Rebels Podcast
Category: Deep House
Location: London
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Aluku Rebels Sucessfully been pushing deep/afro/tribal/future sounds as Aluku Rebels on Podomatic IN 2010 who then teamed up...

by Aluku Rebel...
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June 16, 2021 10:40 PM PDT

Hi Everyone ,

Here is the second chapter journey mix by myself which is a mixture of Afro House , Afro Tech and Afro Pop sounds combined with Techno and Deep House music to take you on a afrofuturistic electronic style of journey from a collection of current stuff i have enjoyed over the last few months with a few exclusives and unreleased tracks along the way .

Hope you all enjoy and stay blessed

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Untitled x - Iteru (Original Mix) . Promo/2021 [Merecumbe Records]

2.Djuma Soundsystem - He Lele (Original Mix) . Promo/2021 [Iziki]

3.Demented Soul feat KEYNG - Camaku (Original Mix) . Unreleased/????

4.Da Africa Deep & Dj Kid - Who Are You . Unreleased/????

5.Fanzo feat Andy Keys & Mavuthela - Umuntu (Extended Mix) . Promo/2021 [Sondela Recordings]

6.Atamu - Ayo (Original Mix) . Promo/2021 [D.M Recordings]

7.Da Capo - Gene (Original Mix) 2021 [MoBlack Records]

8.Matto Cole - Nabay (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2021 [Afrocentric Records]

9.Argento Dust,Fka Mash - Haunting You (Original Mix) . 2021 [Back Noise Music Africa]

10.Diplo feat Elderbrook & Andhim - One by One (Angelos Extended Remix) . Unreleased/????

11.XtetiQsoul - Human Beings (Original Mix) . 2021 [Afrocentric Records]

12.ZIDDO - Inkabi (Original Mix) . 2021 [Seres Producoes]

13.Manyelo Dafro - Heal Afrika (Thakzin Remix) . 2021 [Stay True Sounds]

14.TekniQ - Umoya (Original Mix) . 2021 [Abstract Mood Music]

15.Sun-El Musican feat Mzaki - Ubomi Abumanga (Original Mix) . 2020 [El World Music]

16.Aquatone feat Jaidene Veda - Just Be (Original Mix) . 2021 [Genesis]

17.Roque feat Les-ego - Celebrate (Extended Mix) . 2021 [Deep House Police]

18.Aquatone - Neon Lights (Dub) . 2021 [Genesis]

19.Frankey & Sandrino - Hope 43 (Original Mix) . 2021 [Sum Over Histories]

20.Linos Rosetta & NuroGroove - Open Minded (Original Mix) 2021 [Aluku Records]

21.Frigid Armadillo & Qhawe - Makukhanye (Original Mix) Promo/2021 [Aluku Records]

22.Punk & Euggy feat Aktoh Jumadi - Weche (Extended Mix) . Promo.2021 [Gondwana]


Thank you to all artist and lables for the wonderful music . 

May 04, 2021 11:57 PM PDT

Hello everyone ,

After nearly 8 months from doing the last of my typical African electronic journey podcast i now welcome back the first mix of the year and happy to present this mixture of Afro , Progressive and slightly Melodic mix with tribal and soulful vibrations in a electronica seductive style of fashion .

Hope you all enjoy and everyone is doing well on your side of the world .

Be YOU , Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Powel - A  that River Flows around in circles (Original Mix) . 2021  [All Day i Dream]

2.&ME,Rampa & Adam Port feat. Sofie - Discoteca (Original Mix) 2021 [Keinemusik]

3.Hyenah - The Wish (Manoo Darkside Remix) . 2005 [Freerange] 

4.Atmos Blaq - Nefarious (Atmospheric Mix) . 2021 [MoBlack Records] 

5.Culoe De Song - The Wonderer (Original Mix) . PROMO

6.Tomahalk Bang - Water Moccasin (At One Re-Edit) . 2021 [Atjazz Recording Company] 

7.Ian Ludvig - Nature (Original Mix) . 2021 [Connected Frontline] 

8.Murat Uncuoglu - Sooner or Later (Original Mix) . 2021 

9.Da Mike feat Kawtar Sidik - Malayou (Original Mix) PROMO [Connected Frontline]

10.Demented Soul - Message to Eternity (Original Mix) . 2021 [Aluku Records]

11.Massh - Ditoro (Original Mix) . 2021 [Aluku Records]

12.TekniQ feat.Artist Lebo - Amadlozi (Original Mix) . 2021 [Abstract Mood Music]

13.Sun-El , Black Motion feat Miss P - Without You (Original Mix) [El World]

14.Frigid Armadillo feat Ayrosh - Tukaina (Original Mix) . 2021 [Gondwana]

15.DASCO - African Power (Trinidadian Deep Remix) 2020 [Local Talk]

16.TekniQ - Trip to Mecca (Original Mix) . 2021 [Abstract Mood Music]

17.De Cave Man & TonicVolts - Zulu (Original Mix) . PROMO 

18.Dafro - Nkrumah (United States of Africa) . PROMO [Aluku Records]

19.Chaleee & Sammi Ferrer feat.Soundhaus - Sisters (Original Mix) . PROMO [Kazukuta Records]

20.Kususa feat Dlala Thukzin - Confuse the Enemy (Original Mix) . PROMO [Sondela Recordings]

21.Massh feat Ninae - Tommow (Original Mix) . 2021 [Aluku Records] 


Watch out for the special 20k appreciation Aluku Rebels FB Fans page 2 hour mix  .  

December 20, 2020 04:34 AM PST

Aluku Records presents its first release of 2021 and kicking off with the next chapter of the South African various compilation series.

This second part 30 min compilation preview mix by Aluku Rebels  wanted to give to you a more emotional and a sophisticated type of Afro/Electronic sounds from super talented South African artist but in a much smaller finer detailed pack with this six hand selected tracks from TekniQ , Dafro , Frigid Armadillo , Da Africa Deep , Massh and Nurogroove balancing newer modern Afro House , Afro Tech and electronic music expressed with godly feelings and plenty of upliftment in the production taking you on a Afro classical and contemporary type of journey .

Promo release out now exclusively on Traxsource with the official worldwide release date Friday January 8th 2020.

Track list: (Click on track titles to go directy to promo link)

1.TekniQ - Children of Zion

2.Massh - Nisikilize

3.Da Africa Deep - Perio

4.Dafro - Muta Sonics

5.Nurogroove - Tribute to Dladla

6.Frigid Armadillo feat.Jessica Mbandgeni - Imbokodo


Mastered by

Key Snow (SA)


Supported by

Black Coffee , Stereo Mc's , Osunlade , Vinny da Vinci , Booker T , Djeff , Hyenah , Kid Fonque , MoBlack , Pablo Martinez , D-Malice , Punk , Caiiro , Argento Dust , Neter Supreme and more...


Thank you for the massive support this year 2020 and looking forward to presenting more African House and Electronic music in 2021 .


Have a wonderful festive time and a better new year to come .


Aluku Rebels/Records (London,UK)

October 14, 2020 05:51 PM PDT

Hi everyone ,

Chapter two 2020 is here and taking you on a two hour journey of Afro,Deep,Techno,Melodic house music with 3 Exclusive AR promos by Kintar (SPA),Medusa Odyssey (SPA) and TIMANTI(UK) to come out in November .

Myself Aluku Rebels has proudly passionately pushed and presented this podcast show for 10 years of African House/ Electronic Music pushing and helping evolve through these mixes with wondeful DJ/Producer guest promoting the music and many artist growth combining full Afro sounds from mainly South African,American and European artist producing Tribal,Deep,Tech,Ancestral Soul,Ambient,Angolan Afro House,Botswana,Congolese,Ritualistic, Latin Cuban,Afro Tech mixed with House Classics , Progressive,Techno,Electronica to name a few.

Starting the shows with that trademark atmospheric real nature life sounds to now see many Afro , Melodic and the new Organic and downtempo DJs start in their live DJ streams shows how ahead of the game not just musically but building up a meditation intro style of a set and super delighted to see a vision now touching everyone in new modern electronic music and is the way for our higher spiritual consciousness of sounds to dance with peaceful pleasure and escapism .

Thank you to all the producers/record labels/Digital MP3 WAV Download sites/vocalist/musician's/percussionist for making this show possible and creating such wonderful music ,the sound has evolved over the years more to say electronically then the organic pure spiritual vibrations but the soul you can still feel its presence with still the elements of authentic ancient instruments , Chants , traditional vocals , Woodwinds and the African Drums that keep the backbone.

We have lost some super talented artist way to early before their time and seen many artist come and go (go and come back too) from around the world in the scene but still like to say everyone is valued with all the different afro infused sounds are still part of this new dynamics in today direction of Afro (Organic).

This mix starting with a more organic melodic style Afro track by Timanti followed by Afro tech and Techno tracks from South Africa and Europe with some hyper Afro Tech SA dancefloor style music finished off with real Afro and Deep House vibes for you all to understand. Hope you all enjoy the Mixes/Guest mixes over the last decade with positive support which is was you guys along with the creators that kept me going and giving more over the years.

Africa music was and is the future today.

Be YOU , Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.TIMANTI - Red Earth (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

2.Kintar & Medusa Odyssey - Waaba (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

3.Neil Amarey - Lose The Game (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2020 [MoBlack Records]

4.Cisco De Sol - Birds of Minds (Original Mix) . 2020 [D.M Recordings]

5.Kintar & Medusa Odyssey - Vivir (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records] 

6.TekniQ - LIBRAH . PROMO/2020 . [Abstract Mood Music]

7.DJ Angelo ft. Jaidene Veda - Surrender (Pablo Fierro Remix) . PROMO/2020 [Connected Frontline]

8.Black Motion & Da Capo - Technology (Original Mix) . 2020 [SONY MUSIC]

9.Howling - Bind (Rampa Remix) . 2020 [Counter Records]

10.Vanco , Cee Elassaad , Lizwi - Zamekile (Punk Mbedzi Remix) . 2020 [Sudam]

11.Dj Clock,Kelelingo - Mudih . 2020 [Get Physical]

12.???? - ????

13.Nash La Musica , Aphendulwa - Drums of War (Kususa Remix) . 2020 [Issa'Min)

14.Karyendasoul - Digital Analog (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 . [Karyendasoul Music]

15.Black Motion feat Sauti Sol - Free (Original Mix) 2020 [SONY MUSIC]

16.DJ Jim Mastershine , Limpopo Rhythm , Afro Brotherz ft Nalize - Magical . 2020 [Afrocentric Records]

17.XtetiQsoul , Drumetic Boyz ft Setlako - African Child (Original Mix) . 2020 [Iklwa Brothers]

18.Buddha Sage - Rain Dance . 2018 [Kemet Recordings]

19.Ace Mantez - Phoenix . 2020 [WAV3Off records]

20.Frigid Armadillo - Imbokodo (Original Mix) . ????/????

21.Culoe De Song - Judgment Dance . ????/????

22.Black Motion ft Ihashi Elimhlophe - Mshubo . 2020 [SONY MUSIC]

23.Dj Satelite ,Demented Soul , TMAN - Terra Mae . 2020 [Seres Producoes]

24.Osunlade ft OVEOUS - Somewhere in America (Yoruba Soul Mix) . 2020 [Yoruba Records]

25.Dwson - Frigid Wetland . PROMO/2020 [Atjazz Recording Company]

26.Chronical Deep - Villagers can sing (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Gondwana Records]

August 23, 2020 10:36 PM PDT

Afro meets electronic mix today with three main elements of Afro Tech,Progressive and Techno sounds along the journey with the odd Soulful/Deep tracks not forgetting  4 AR Promos to come by AJ (Afrokan EP) and Thakzin (Kakapel EP) along with some stuff i played on the "Africa is Not a Jungle" live stream a few months back with a few personal collective stuff i enjoy to hear .

Hope you are staying safe and keeping strong through these times .

Be YOU , Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Da Capo - Orion's Belt . 2020 . [Genesys]

2.Da Mike - Introspection . PROMO/2020 [Connected Frontline]

3.Brian Cid - We Will Rise (Original Mix) . 2020 [Endangered]

4.Thakzin - Kakapel (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records] OFFICIAL RELEASE 25/9/2020

5.Enoo Napa - Vortex . 2020 [Iklwa Brothers]

6.Aaaron feat.Oluhle - Inyani (Re.You Remix) . 2020 [Connected Frontline]

7.Manqo,Rampa - Won't Change (Rampa Retouch) . 2020 [VOD]

8.Sebjak, Fahlberg - Chaka . 2019

9.Carl H,CKP ft Momo TV - All Night Long (No Verse Dub) . 2020

10.Shino Blackk - Invoked (Rated-Blackk Print) . 2020

11.TekniQ - Sahara . 2020 [Abstract Mood Music]

12.Sun-El - Random . PROMO/2020 [Gondwana Records]

13.AJ Feat.Eltonnick & Lizwi - Amavila . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records] OFFICIAL RELEASE 11/9/2020

14.Demented Soul - Majesty (Dubstrumental Version) . PROMO/2020 [Tone Apartment Entertainment]

15.Punk feat.Olith Ratego - Lembe . 2019 [Under Bridge]

16.Thakzin - Beginning of Time . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records] OFFICIAL RELEASE 25/9/2020

17.DAVI - Lie Machine . 2019 [Crosstown Rebels]

18.Made In Paris - Gravity . 2020 [POESIE MUSIK]

19.Bantswana's - Bravo Zulu (Kususa Remix) . 2020

20.AJ Ft.Thapelo Lephoto - Mermaids of Karoo (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records] OFFICIAL RELEASE 11/8/2020 

21.Stan Zeff - Afrik'Ami (Po-Lar-i-ty Remix) . 2020 [Tambor]

22.Maash - The Ventriloquists (The Wooden Dummy) . 2018 [Solar Plex's]


August 04, 2020 02:31 AM PDT

Hi everyone and my first mix of the year (Half way through) and happy to share with you this modern Afro House mix . This mix is dedicated to one of my family members Makeda who sadly passed away last month (Not from the virus)but from this mental strength being fully tested and with these uncertain times also prevented me mixing music over the last 6 months but recently ive found the energy and belief to do this mix with more to follow .

In this mix are a few emotional and musical Afro favs over the last few months with a few massive tracks from Aluku Records by Dj Vitoto , Idd Aziz - Banjuka , Frigid Armadillo - Roam in a Day and Slay feat Macco Dinerow - Stimela along with some other wonderful stuff.

Hope you all enjoy and stay safe until further notice.

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU



Track List:

1.Stevie R,Gred Rawson - Jalemba (Rancido Edition) . 2020

2.King Fela , Omagugu - Yehla Moya (Da Capo & Nduduzo Makhathini Remix) . 2020 [Genesys]

3.Manyelo Dafro , Bassekou Kouyate - Ladon . 2020

4.InQfive , Demented Soul - Isizathu (Demented Soul Remix) . 2020 [Iklwa Brothers Recordings]

5.Skavia, Paulla Paloma - Baleka . 2020 [Afrocentric Records]

6.Dj Vitoto feat Idd Aziz - Banjuka . 2020 [Aluku Records/Muthaland Entertainment ]

7.Frigid Armadillo - Roam in a Day . 2020 [Aluku Records]

8.Cee ElAssaad , Thandi Draai - LoMhlaba . 2020 [Connected Frontline]

9.Dj Kabila , WendySoni - Somnyama (Lemon & Herb Dubstramental) . 2020 [Ocha]

10.Ed-Ward - Dentro . 2020 [Ewaso Records]

11.Budda Sage , Froote , Kususa - Dimension . 2020 [MoBlack Records]

12.Thazkin - Simba Kubwa . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

13.Chronical Deep - Ike . PROMO/2020 [Gondwana Records]

14.TekniQ - Amasiko . 2020

15.Vanco Mavhungu - Kondelelani (Manoo Dubiano) . 2020 [Folage Records]

16.Slay feat Macco Dinerow - Stimela . 2020 [Aluku Records]

17.Hyenah feat Lazarusman - Not Enough . 2020 [Watergate Records]

18.AWEN & Caiiro - Your Voice (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2020 [Madorasindahouse]

19.Trikk - Moveimento . 2020 [Innervisions]

20.Karyendasoul - The Journey . 2020

21.Dj Angelo - Radar . 2020 [Connected Frontline]


P.S Sorry Makeda i never got to meet the new you (Butterfly effect) over the last 15 years as i didnt know your spirit which hurts me alot to have grown up with you as your my nearest born cousin but to know so little of you over the years , im sorry for the pain as we all grew up in hard times . I may have not seen you for years but i always wish the best for any member in family for the future ahead which hurts me to hear you left physical form and know the spiritual place with other lost family members is a better place for you being you  . 


Makeda Denis 

November 17, 2019 06:24 AM PST

Hi Everyone , Aluku Rebels E.O.Y (End of Year) bumper mix is here slightly early before the festive time comes around and excited to present this 2hr African Electronic journey mix with touches of Deep,Progressive and Techno sounds for you all to enjoy .

NEW 2020 AR releases to come from Benny T , Ed-Ward and Team Distant featuring on this mix. Have a great festive and new year celebration to come next month .

Be YOU, Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU

Track list

1.Ed-Ward - ???? . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

2.Amberoom - Kastell (Dixon Touch) . 2019 [Innervisions]

3.&ME - Garden . 2019 [Keinemusik]

4.Lemon & Herb ft LJ Pepper - Edge . 2019

5.Themba - Kensho (Extended Mix) . 2019 [Saved]

6.Kintar , DJ Angelo - Cala del Sol . 2019 [Sudam Recordings]

7.KEENE - Bullerenque (Boot Slap Remix) . PROMO/2019 [Connected Frontline]

8.Brian Cid - Rebirth . 2019 [Lost & Found]

9.Jullian Gomes , Martin Iverson - Temple of Snakes . 2019 [World Without End]

10.Thomas Gandey , Santiago Garcia - On Two Strangers . 2019 [Innervisions]

11.Benny T - ???? . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

12.Da Capo - Land of Kush . PROMO/2019 [MIDH]

13.Antonio Ocasio feat.Anjani - Distant Movement (Manoo Dub) . 2019 [Tribal Winds]

14.Unnayanaa, Ifran Rainy , Ibtisam - Taht Min Aini (Yoruba Soul Remix) . 2019 [Boarders Of Light]

15.Robbie Akbal , Ay Sarita - Fanaya (Floyd Lavine's African Techno Mix) . 2019 [Akbal Music]

16.Fka Mash - Kasango's Revenge . 2019 [Aluku Records]

17.Laolu - Many Faces . 2019 [MIDH]

18.Bekzin Terris , Kususa & Argento Dust - Ghost . 2019 [Aluku Records]

19.Vanco , Njabuloseh - Lutho (Djeff Remix) . 2019 [Afrocentric Records]

20.Chelsea Como , Jacko - Waves (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2019 [TR Records]

21.Studio Bros, Freddy Da Stupid , Lilocox - Curto Circuito (Original Mix) . 2019

22.Djeff, Dino D'Santiago - Alegria (Caiiro Remix) . 2019 [Kazukuta Records]

23.Team Distant - Makova (Original Mix) . 2019 [iNF3CTD MUSE]

24.G Washintion feat Miriam Makeba - Warrior Mbube . 2019 [RISE MUSIC]

25.Bob Sinclar - Imbalaye (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Extended Mix) . 2019 [Yellow]

26.Team Distant - Native Flute Song (Original Mix) . PROMO/2020 [Aluku Records]

27.BahSonik & Nadirah Shakoor - Spring & Autumn (Neter's Sepedet Drummah'Mix w/Lead Vox) . 2019 [ODH]

28.David August - ELYSIAN FIELDS (Ron Trent Reconstruction) . 2019


Check out the official Aluku Records website with exclusive stuff . alukurecords.com

September 26, 2019 11:28 PM PDT

Aluku Records rolls out the 50th release on its 5th year of development and super excited to present this years special South Africa edition with this 30 minute preview mix session by Aluku Rebels.

All tracks have been carefully hand picked out by Aluku Rebels which he says 'Its a variety of different House/electronic sounds such as Afro,Deep and Progressive music coming from SA with touches of African percs,Wood winds,ethnic chants,Atmospheric elements rather then being the other way round with all 9 tracks purposely non vocal projects so you can appreciate the production more then something structured around spoken words,Singing etc' .


Supported by

Black Coffee , Ame , Dixon , Culoe De Song , Da Capo , Themba , Vinny Da Vinci , Djeff , Shimza , Hyenah and more..

Featured on

Boiler room , Mix Mag BUDX , "Ballaintines" Stay True Sessions (SA)


Official Worldwide release: Friday 4th October 2019


Promo release link (Click Here)


Track list: (Click on track titles to be directed to promo)

1.Lemon & Herb - Thaheylu (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

2.Karyendasoul - Alude (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

3.Enoo Napa - Just Beat (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

4.Deep Narravites - Lazy Shandis (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

5.Kususa - Mo Ka Ice Cream (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

6.Fka Mash - Kasango's Revenge (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

7.Pierre Johson & W.NN.E - Menkarua (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

8.Ed-Ward - Rage (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

9.Cornelius - Kilamanjaro (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]


A&R:Aluku Rebels

Artwork: Kamil Ahmedbeyli

Mixed & Mastered: MusicandSoul Studio (USA)

September 01, 2019 05:00 AM PDT

Hi House Heads Final chapter of this years mixes by myself and a whooping 2 hour journey special with plenty of current and promo stuff to come . This mix is very electronic but stuff i feel has plenty of Afro elements in the progressive,Deep House and techno genre mix up with Afro House music keeping everything in the same surroundings with stages of different momentum and rhythmic vibes along the way .

Hope you enjoy Be YOU ,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU 


Track list

1.Dorian Craft - Solara . 2019 [Flying Circus]

2.Rodriguez Jr. - Phoenix (Extended Mix) . 2019 [Anjunadeep]

3.Brian Cid - Ascenso (Original Mix) . 2018 [Balance Music]

4.Aimo - Drumic Drums (Afro Mix) . 2018 [Union Records]

5.BokkieUlt & Cuebur - 5th Avenue (Original Mix) . Promo/2019 [Ocha Mzansi]

6.Frigid Amadillo - The Journey . Promo/2019 [Aluku Record] PROMO RELASE 6TH SEPTEMBER 

7.Cubicolor - No Dancers (Adam Port Remix) . 2019 [Anjunadeep]

8.Made By Pete - Follow The Arp . 2019 [Connected Frontline]

9.Fog,Olufemi - Owere . 2019 [Yoruba Records]

10.Eduardo Drumn - Make Me Feel Like This . 2019 [Not Thx Rec.]

11.Toto Chiavetta , Mbissane Ngom - Dedication To All The Mothers And Their Moon . 2019 [Innervisions]

12.Lemon & Herb - Nangu . 2019 [Mix in Motion]

13.West & Hill - Tala . 2019 [Connected Frontline]

14.Darque & Da Capo feat Idd Aziz - Yauna (Original Mix) . 2019 [Madorasindahouse]

15.Rampa , WhoMadeWho - Tell Me Are We . 2019 [Innervisions]

16.Tiger Skin - Check Mate . 2019 [Forms & Figures]

16.Themba - ILEMBE . 2019 [Herd]

17.The Free Kidz - The Feeling (Cosmic Beingz Drums] . 2019 [ODH]

18.Mr Joe - NOIS . Promo/2019 [RISE MUSIC]

19.Mr Blase,Black Soda - Part of A Sequel 2 (Original Mix) . 2019 [Odd One Inn]

20.Culoe De Song - ???? . ????

21.Innellea - If Sarah Wouldnt Cry . 2019 [Innervisions]

22.Ed Imbernon,Los Suruba - Balear (Hyenah Remix) . 2019 [Lat Night on Earth]

23.Echo Deep,Benjy - Watu Wa Africa (Original Mix) . 2019 [Blaq Diamond Boyz Music]

24.Bekzin Terris - Unity . 2019 [MoBlack Records]

25.Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - In Pursuit Of Sadness . 2019 [Atjazz Record Company]

26.Halo & Mr V - Change . 2005 [Large]

July 13, 2019 06:25 PM PDT

Hi Everyone,

Summer warm up mix is here taking you on a total Afro house journey with the first quarter very ancetral hi life ,Ethnic Afro house then kicking in the middle more stomping and energetic SA electronic and techno sounds followed by touches of deep and deeper atmospheric afro vibes to finish of the ride . 


Hope you all enjoy and thank you to all artist and labels who made this possable.


Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU  


Track list:

1.Neter Supreme - She Is Amun,She Is All (Temple Tantra Edit) . 2019 [ODH]

   Despina Vandi - Geia (Acapella)

2.Mr ID ,Kawtar Sadik - Salat Ala Nabina (Original Mix) . 2017 [Offering Recordings]

3.Saint Evo & Ch!njong x Ch!njong - Mantra . 2019

4.Team Distant - Tribal Movement . 2019 [Gondwana Records]

5.Black Motion Feat Nokwazi - Andinayo . 2018 [Sony Music]

6.Team Distant - Drum Session (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

7.Deep Narratives - Myekeleni (Original Mix) . 2018 [MEA Music CO]

8.Vanco Feat TroyMusiq - Yana Pula (Original Mix) 2019 [Ocha Mzansi]

9.Lemon & Herb - DRUM (Original Mix) . 2019 [Mix in Motions Recordings]

10.Soulem - Mental Image (Original Mix) PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

11.Oscar P - Wait Here (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2019 [Open Bar Music]

12.Manoo , Ahmed Sosso - Toro Yah (Original Mix) . 2019 [Nulu Music]

13.Lemon & Herb - Serengeti . 2019 [Mix Motion in Recordings]

14.&ME - The Rapture Pt2 (Original Mix) . 2019 [Keinemusik]

15.Candy Man - Technokrat (Original Mix) . 2019 [Afrocentric Records]

16.Kususa,Argento Dust - The Idea (Original Mix) . 2019 [Sudam Recordings]

17.Jazzuelle - Laws of Motion . 2019 [Atjazz Records Company]

18.Shai T - Bring Back the Sound . 2019 [Beat Boutique]

19.Hanna Hais,Diama - Waloy (Chanell Collen Remix) . 2019 [Open Bar Music]

20.Kususa & Zithane - Igugu . 2017 [Check in Recordings]

21.Kerri Chandler - The Machine

22.Auqatone - Did You Get My Number . Unreleased/????

23.Floyd Lavine ft Awen - Kusimama . 2019 [Rise Music]

24.Themba - Vuma (Original Mix) ]. 2019 [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

25.Da Mike,Oluhle - Lendoda (Vocal Mix) . 2019 [Tribe Records]

26.Em Ex - Fire (Original Mix) . 2019 [D.M Recordings]

    AR Simple Sounds - Life at Night (Atmospheric) 


Most tracks can be brought on Traxsource,Beatport,iTunes,Google Play an streamed via Spotify , Deezer 

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step 2:

Now that you've subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, the feed will display in your "Podcasts" section on the left navigation bar.

Click there and you'll see the show displayed in the iTunes browser.

You can "get all" to download all available episodes or just individual episodes.
step 3:

Plug your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) into your computer with the Dock Connector cable, and click the device in iTunes's left navigation bar.


Once you have your device highlighted, click "Podcasts" in the top navigation bar and sync the podcasts you want on your device. Click "apply" and the episodes you have downloaded on your iTunes software will sync with your device.
that's it!

The beauty of this process is that now, every new episode of your subscribed podcasts will automatically sync to your device every time you plug it in and open iTunes. You can now take your favorite shows with you everywhere you go.


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