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Aluku Rebels/Records (African Deep/Electronic House Music)
Aluku Rebels Podcast
Category: Deep House
Location: London
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Aluku Rebels Sucessfully been pushing deep/afro/tribal/future sounds as Aluku Rebels on Podomatic IN 2010 who then teamed up...

by Aluku Rebel...
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February 24, 2019 04:59 AM PST

First chapter of the 2019 four piece jigsaw and really excited to kick of the year with this one . A prime example of African House/electronic mixed with Western musical affairs .

Starting of this journey more atmospheric followed by progressive Afro techno vibes for you all to enjoy . Plenty of unreleased promos on this one by Osunlade , Hyenah , Da Capo , Pablo Fierro , Rampa , Kususa Gumz & Vaal Deep with current stuff out now with labels such as Innervisions (GER) , Soulistic Music (SA) , House Afrika (SA) , Watergate (GER) , Ocha (USA) , Keinemusik (GER) , Connected (UK) , Offering Recordings(BEL)  , Madorasindahouse Records (GRE) , Cabeau Music (USA) and of course Aluku Records (UK).

Hope you all enjoy the ride and kept your seat belt on tight .

Be YOU , Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list

1.Shai T - Exodus (Original Mix) . 2018 [Lump Records]

2.Gumz & Vaal Deep - Essiu . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

3.Brian Cid - Soledad (Original Mix) . 2019 [Balance Music]

4.Chynaman feat. Kususa - Ghetto Gong (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019

5.Enoo Napa - E[ART]H . PROMO/2019 . [Aluku Records]

6.Hyenah & Pablo Fierro - Panoramica . PROMO/2019 [Watergate]

7.Aaaron - Janus . 2019 [Connected Frontline]

8.Hyenah - The Golden Cage Of Yesterday (Da Capo Remix) . PROMO/2019 [Watergate]

9.Anerah Yasole - Simoom . 2019 [Offering Recordings]

10.Kususa feat. DJ Merlon & De Cave Man - Amabutho . 2018 [Aluku Records]

11.PAAX - Djorolen (THEMBA's Herd Extended Remix) . 2019 [Steath Records]

12.Murat Uncuoglu - Thoughts . 2019 [Innervisions]

13.Coflo - Stress Relief (Yoruba Soul Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Ocha Records]

14.Doug Gomez ft Morris Revey - Yiga (Main Mix) . 2019 [Merecombe Recordings]

15.Black Motion - Moya Wa Taola . 2018 [South Africa Music]

16.Saint Evo ft Idd Aziz - Kamulole . 2019 [Cabeau Music]

17.Black Coffee & Karyendasouls feat Zhao - Any Other Way . 2018 [Soulistic Music]

18.Muzungu ft Toshi - Cela (Afro Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Madorasindahouse Records]

19.TIMANTI - When You Wake Up (Original Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

20.Rampa feat Chiara Noriko - For This . PROMO/2019 [Keinemusik]

21.EnaWadan - Oshiyena . 2016 [Aluku Records]

22.Osunlade - The Fifth Dimension (Original Mix) . 2019 [Nite Grooves]

23.Fka Mash & Myazisto - Oslo . 2018 [House Afrika] 


Most music can be brought on MP3/WAV via Traxsource ,Beatport , iTunes and Google Play 


Thank you to all artist and label for making this happen .

January 01, 2019 06:10 PM PST

Happy New Year

Today a special over 2 hr live guest mix for Drums Radio(UK) on New Years Day 2019 with plenty of promos to come on aluku records and close encounters along with a few favs in 2018 and some classics along the way.

Hope you all have a wonderful year to come and thank you for the support.

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU

Track list:

1.Neter Supreme - Awakened Souls (The TasetAku Harmonic Mix) . 2016 [O.D.H]

2.Malumz on Decks feat.Toshi - Inhlizyo . 2019 [OwnIT MUSIC/Aluku Records]

3.Black Motion ft Uhuru & Lady X - Richi Richi . 2018 [Sony Music]

4.O.D.H - Xqamagu Mam Modjadji (Neter To Tha' Marrow Drumz) . 2016 [O.D.H]

5.Team Distant - ???? . Promo/2019 [Aluku Records]

6.104 BPM - Saba . 2018 [D.M Recordings]

7.Giji - ???? . Promo/???? [Aluku Records]

8.Kerri Chandler - Downtown (623 Mix)

9.Kususa - PROMO/????

10.De Cave Man & Tonic Volts - Ikhuzeni . 2018 [MoBlack Records]

11.Gino Brown - ShayiNumber (Kususa Remix) . PROMO/2019 [Afrocentric Records]

12.Candy Man - Please Call . 2018 [MoBlack Records]

13.Chynaman,Zano - Solid (Argento Dust Remix) . 2018 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

14.Candy Man - Indlovu . 2018 [Aluku Records]

15.Nyaruach - Gatluak (Hyenah Beat Version) . PROMO/2019 [MoBlack Records]

16.Black Motion & Culoe De Song - Machine Gun . 2018 [Sony Music]

17.Osunlade - Butterfly (Kiko Navarro's Koki Dub) . 2011 [Yoruba Records]

18.Dj Gregory - Traffic (AM Mix) . 2006 [Defected Records]

19.Argento Dust - We Are Not Afraid . 2018 [Madorasindahouse Records]

20.Toshi - I dont Understand (Da Capo ???? Remix) . PROMO/????

21.Karyendasoul - Possibilities . 2018 [Hidden Vibes]

22.Black Motion & Caiiro ft Tabia - Prayer for Rain . [Sony Music]

23.Enoo Napa & Chanell Collen - Who Said Who . 2018 [Tribe Records]

24.SURAJ - Wawere (Da Capo's Journey Mix) . PROMO/2019 [Gondwana Records]

25.Punk - Amazon . 2018 [Djoon Experience]

26.Dj Vitoto - Universal Lang . 2018 [Murmur MusiQ]

27.Ame - War . 2018 [Innervisions]

28.Problem Child - Kwenzenjani (Main) . 2011 [DNH]

29.Culoe De Song - Ambush

30.Gumz - Terrestial (Susanoo's Story) . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

31.Benny T - Somnolence . PROMO/2019 [Aluku Records]

32.Dj Qness - Chants Of The Panther . 2018 [Ocha Records] 

October 08, 2018 01:28 AM PDT

Final chapter of the seasonal sessions this year (2018) by myself and a mega whooping 2 hour journey of predominantly African electronic (Afro Tech,African Techno,Afro Deep House music) with plenty of promos from Aluku Records and artist to look out for in the future. This journey starts of more Afro techy sounds with small touches of Techno Deep and soulful house music finished of in the last quarter more rooted and organic Afro house music known for .

Hope you all enjoy the journey and thank you for the support.

Be YOU , Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list :

1.Gumz - ???? . PROMO/???? [Aluku Records]

2.Benny T - ???? . PROMO/???? [Aluku Records]

3.Enoo Napa - The Eclipse . PROMO/2018 [Afrocentric Records]

4.BokkieUlt & Karyendsoul - Is'Bindi (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Ocha Music]

5.Kususa feat . DJ Merlon & De Cave Man - Amabutho . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records] NOV 2018 PROMO RELEASE

6.Kato Change & Winyo - Abiro (Da Capo's Dub) . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records] OCT 12TH PROMO RELEASE

7.&ME - In Your Eyes . 2018 [Pampa Records]

8.&Lez - Sephora (Original Mix) . 2018 [Visile Records]

9..Karyendsoul - Waka (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Gondwana]

10.Thodoris Triantafillou - Elephants (Original Mix) . 2018 [Chapter 24 Records]

11.Jazzuelle - Kromozone . 2018 [MoBlack Records]

12.Drumetic Soul - Raven (Original Mix) . 2018 [D.M Recordings]

13.Sun-El ft Simmy - Ntaba Ezikude . 2018 

14.Karizma - Tech This Out (Yoruba Soul Mix) . 2018 [Atjazz Record Company]

15.Kususa - ???? . PROMO/????  [Gondwana Records]

16.Jazzanova , Zakes Bantwini - In the Morning (Atjazz Afrotech Remix) . 2018 [Sonar Kollektiv]

17.Gerogy Lesley , Doug Gomez - Es Felicdad (Dub Mix) . 2018 [Merecombe Recordings]

18. 4 Siders - Sol Y Mas (Original Mix) . 2000 [Soulfuric Deep]

19.Da Capo - The Dub (The Rail) . PROMO/???? 

20.Punk - ???? . PROMO/???? [Aluku Records]

21.ReQuest M feat Lizwi - Isidwaba . 2018 [FOMP]

22.Afrokillerz - La Tradicion . 2018 [Aluku Records]

23.Homeboyz - Massoladi . PROMO/2018 [Kazukuta Records]

24.Team Distant - ???? . PROMO/???? [Aluku Records]

25.Candy Man - Progenitor . 2018 [Aluku Records]

26.Dj Vitoto - Technical Problem . 2018 [Get Loud]

27.Infinite Souls ft Kaleem - Kokula (Caiiro Obeah Mix) . 2018 [Aluku Records]

28.Mr ID - El Baraka (Main Mix) . 2018 [Offering Recordings]


*Most tracks can be brought on all digital MP3 Sites such as Traxsource,Beatport,iTunes,Google Play and more 


*P.S Look out for the festive mix/end of year special this december .

July 26, 2018 01:38 AM PDT

Aluku Records presents the 5th Compilation full preview mix by Aluku Rebels himself which is a mixture of Afro Organic (Ancestral/Tribal) and Afro Electronic (Afro Tech/Deep House) music from producers located in South Africa,Botswana,Mozambique,Kenya and Angola .



Track list:

1.Fka Mash - W.N.D.Y

2.Vaal Deep - Soba

3.Freddy da Stupid - Indiana

4.Infinite Souls ft Kaleem - Kokula (Caiiro's Obeah Mix)

5.XtetiQsoul - Sync

6.Argento Dust - Nord Pole (S.D.T.G.D Main Mix)

7.Drumetic Boyz - Kaofela

8.Afrokillerz - La Tradicion

9.Kato Change ft Winyo - Abiro (Riot Stereo & SURAJ Remix)

10.Vesant Q - Consequence

11.Kususa - Coas

12.Gumz - Reparations

13.Candy Man - Indlovu

14.Chanell Collen - Leaf

Supported by:

Black Coffee , Djeff Afrozila , Boddhi Satva , Terry Hunter , Enoo Napa , Shimza , Vinny da Vinci , Booker T , THEMBA , Jackie Queens , Hanna Hais , Doug Gomez , Floyd Lavine , Pablo Martinez , Benny T and more....

Thank you everyone for the support on every level .

*Promo release 20th July 2018 on Traxsource 

*World wide digetial release 3rd August 2018 (Google play,Beatport,iTunes ect)

May 31, 2018 10:09 AM PDT

Hello Peeps,

The Third Chapter is here thick n fast and ready to take you on a African House / electronic journey with the first half more Afro tech and the second more into Afro deep , Ancestral house sounds with plenty of current and exclusive promos for you to enjoy .

Be YOU, Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU 


Track list:

1.Enoo Napa - E[ART]H . PROMO/????

   Opus III - Its A Fine Day Acapella

2.Vaal Deep - Lord Of All Souls (Original Mix) . 2018 [Aluku Records]

3.Da Capo ft Renee - Resistance (Critical Mix) . PROMO/???? [Soulistic Music]

4.Infected Soul - The Warning . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

5.Argento Dust - S.O.A (Start Over Again) . 2018 [Gondwana]

6.Ace Mantez - Exotic Influences (Original Mix) . 2018 [DM Recordings]

7.Super Flu - Doppt (Hyenah Remix) . 2018 [Monaberry]

8.Dennis Ferrer - P2DAJ . 2006 [King Street/Defected Records]

9.Ta-Ice - Element (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018

10.Batuk , Nandi Ndlovu - Daniel (Freddy Da Stupid Remix) . 2016 [Teka Music]

11.Caiiro - Brighter Chamber (Original Mix) . 2018 [Nulu Music]

12.Boddhi Satva ft Soulstar - Ivili (Main Mix) . 2018 [Offering Recordings]

13.Individualist  - WaWaNe (Fka Mash Afro Glitch) . 2018 [Symphonic Distribution]

14.Squire - Grassroots . 2018 [3000 Grad]

15.Problem Child Ten83 - The Longest Mile (Drummerville Mix) . PROMO/????

16.Cornelius ft Jackie Queens - Feel It Now (Kususa Remix) . 2018 [Bae Electronic]

17.&Lez - Panir (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Visile Records]

18.Floyd Lavine & Gumz - Black Note . 2017 [Watergate Records]

19.Afro Brotherz - Tomorrow Is Gone . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

20.Vanco - Gifted Souls . 2018 [Kazukuta Records]

Most tracks can be brought on mp3/wav via Traxsource,Beatport,Google Play and itunes

April 30, 2018 12:30 PM PDT

Hi Everyone,

Chapter 2 of this years 4 part african futurism musical mix by Aluku Rebels who shares his philosophy on modern african house/electronic music from overground and underground producers across the globe such as South Africa,Botswana,Nederlands,Germany,Greece,Italy,Belgium,Portugal,Morocco and Kenya.

This session takes you on that more electronic afro house vibe with progressive,Techno and deeper sounds along the way. Few promos from Soulistic Music(SA),Aluku Records(UK),MoBlack(ITA),Afrocentric(UAE)

Hope you all enjoy this Afro Futuristic electronic musical journey.

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Kato Change ft Winyo - Abiro (Kususa's Midnight African Electronic Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

2.Benny T - ???? . PROMO/????

3.Da Capo - Afrin Nadi . PROMO/????

4.Soulroots - Desire (Rancido Dub) . 2018 [Rancido Music]

5.Argento Dust & Budda Sage - Rektion . PROMO/2018 [Gondwana]

6.Marius Lehnert - Atman (Rancido Remix) . 2018 [City Life]

7.Re.You - Without You . 2018 [Connected]

8.Thodoris Triantafillou - Again (Original Mix) . 2017 [Glory Hill Studio]

9.Sifa , Oluhle , Ivory - Wonani 2018 [Sol Eterno]

10.De Cave Man & TonicVolts - Rebel (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [MoBlack Records]

11.&lez - Peercy (Original Mix) . 2018 [Galaktika Records]

12.Budda Sage - Mystic Andromeda (Original Mix) . 2018 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

13.Dj Thakzin - Power . 2018

14.Vanco ft Thandi Draai - Walls (Original Mix) . 2018 [Afrocentric Records]

15.Da Capo Ft.Soulstar - Ndipendule (Original Mix) . 2017 [Soulistic Music]

16.ARTBAT - Prometheus . 2017 [Diynamic Music]

17.Sun-El Musician ft S-Tone - Umalukatane . 2018

18.Djeff Afrozila - Labyrinth . 2018 [Kazukuta Records]

19.Cee ElAssaad ft Jackie Queens - All On You (Voodoo Mix) . PROMO/????

20.Compuphonic , Marques Toliver - Sunset (Andre Lodemann & Fabian Dikof Remix) . 2018 [Get Physical]

21.Infected Soul - Hendrick Way (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]


Most tracks can be brought on digital mp3 platforms such as Traxsource , Beatport , Itunes and Google Play.

March 29, 2018 05:23 PM PDT

Aluku Rebels is back with his first official mix of 2018 which is the first jigsaw of this 4 piece podcast expressing African House/Electronic sub genre sounds in the Afro House category know Afro tech , Techno , Deep from producers located in and out of African soil such as South Africa,Botswana,Germany,Greece,Italy and Hungry . Plenty of exclusives on Soulistic Music(SA),Aluku Records(UK),MoBlack(ITA) with the likes of Da Capo(SA) , Enoo Napa(SA) ,andhim(GER) , Chanell Collen(SA),Afro Brotherz(SA and more...

Hope you all enjoy this Afrofuturism House/Electronic Musical journey .

Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU


Track list:

1.Black Coffee ft Toshi - Buya (Da Capo Dub Mix) . PROMO/???? [Soulistic Music]

2.XtetiQsoul - Mend to Pieces . 2017 [Afrocentric Records]

3.Boot Slap,Thodoris Triantafillou - Pillow Flight (Original Mix) . 2017 [Connaisseur Records]

4.Afro Brotherz & Candy Man - Imbewu . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

5.Triantafillou - Avrio . 2018 [Chapter 24 Records]

6.Mr Joe - Lost in My Dub . 2018 [De Song Music]

7.Vaal Deep - Lord Of All Souls (Original Mix) . 2018 [Aluku Records]

8.104 BPM - Disconnected,The Observer (Original Mix) . 2018 [DM Recordings]

9.Chanell Collen - Ovule (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

10.Toto Chiavetta - Hunters . 2018 [Yoruba Records]

11.Kiko Navarro - Ohashia (Sobek Remix) . 2018 [BBE]

12.Armonica feat Toshi - Ngeke (andhim Remix) . PROMO/2018 [MoBlack Records]

13.Kuniyuki Takahashi - Dear African Sky (Henrik Schwarz Remix) . 2018 [Stil Vor Talent Records]

14.Drumetic Boyz - Warriors Fall . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

15.104 BPM - Mountains of Sichuan Province (Original Mix) . 2018 [DM Recordings]

16.Infected Soul - The Missionary . PROMO2018 [Aluku Records]

17.From P60,Lisa Shaw - Magic (Enoo Napa Remix) . 2018 [King Street Sounds]

18.Da Capo - Umbovukazi . PROMO/???? [Soulistic Music]

19.Team Distant - Apollo 23 . 2018 [Aluku Records]

20.Enoo Napa & Chanell Collen - Expressions (Original Mix) . PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

21.Toshi - Weeper (Benny T Instrumental) . PROMO/????

22.Da Capo feat Oluhle - Gazi Lemvana (Ultra Mix) . PROMO/???? [Soulistic Music] 


*Some tracks can be brought on MP3/WAV at Traxsource and Beatport

*Special newflash Aluku Records releases now on iTunes , Google Play , Beatport and other stores world wide

November 26, 2017 05:15 AM PST

Hello Deeper house music lovers

Last mix by Aluku Rebels of 2017 and going all out with the afro electronic sounds on this one with plenty of fresh music coming from South Africa , USA , Germany , Botswana , UK , Italy , Morocco and France .

Journey on this one very electronic with the predominant sounds of Afro Tech which is a sub genre sound in Afro House . Hope you all enjoy the intense energetic hype this contains for your listening ears and thank you to all labels,Artist for making this happen.

Track list:

(Intro) AR Simple Sounds - Rainforest at Night (Real life sounds) 

1.Trikk,Fred Und Luna - Karls Java . 2017 [Innervisions]

2.At One - Ubud (Original Mix) . 2017 [Atjazz Recording Company]

3.Benny T - ???? . PROMO

4.DJ Merlon & Enoo Napa - Super Africans (Original Mix) . 2017

5.Brian Cid - Turbulen (Original Mix) . 2017 [Endandered]

6.Aaaron, Deckert - L.D.O.E (Dub) . 2017 [Connected Frontline]

7.Rampa,Adam Port,&ME - Civilist . 2017 [Keinemusik]

8.Revolution - Mysterious . 2017 [Universal SA]

9.Veja Vee Khali - Communion (Drum 1) . 2017 [Khali Recordings]

10.Argento Dust - Buggz . 2018 [D.M Recordings]

11.Revolution - Massacre . 2017 [Universal SA]

12.Team Distant - Jaguar . 2018 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE NOVEMBER 24TH 2017

13.DeepKidd - Deeper Emotions (Ten83 Emotional Rub) . 2017 [Mofunk Records]

14.Veja Vee Khali - Khayelitsha . 2017 [Khali Recordings]

15.Ron Trent & Manoo - The Sound . 2017 [Future Vision]

16.AbysSoul ft Sio - Words (David Montoya Remix) . 2017 [Open Bar Music]

17.Anerah Yasole - Crossroads . 2018 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE DECEMBER 8TH 2017

18.Chanell Collen - Afro Tech Village (Original Mix) . 2017 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

19.Cristian Vinci - Masai (Original Mix) . 2017 [Sunlock]

20.Mr.ID , Faycal Azizi - Layalina . 2017 [Offering Recordings]

21.Aero Manyelo - Zambezi (Dub) . 2017 [MoBlack Recordings]

22.Osunlade - Nyepi . 2017 [Watergate Records]

23.Mike City Ft Faith Evans - When I Love (Neter Supreme's Love Shadows Mix Vox) . PROMO


Most tracks can be brought on mp3/wav via Traxsource.com


Have a great festive and new years and wish you all the best for 2018 and thank you for supporting the music . 


Special 12k apprication mix on Youtube 



September 04, 2017 05:58 AM PDT

Last mix of the year and final jigsaw of this 4 piece podcast with plenty of Aluku Records promos for 2017/2018 . Catch plenty of stuff out on the mp3 market as Aluku Rebels takes you on a journey of pure Afro Deep and Afro tech house music. Hope you all enjoy .

"Be YOU,Stay TRUE and one love from ALUKU"

Track list:

1.Team Distant - The Village (Botswana Reprise) .PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

2.Freddy Da Stupid - ???? (Original Ancestral Mix) .PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

3.Afrokillerz - Ninja (Original Mix) .PROMO/2017

4.Neter Supreme - Element Zero (Aku Ritual Mix) .2017 [Aluku Records]

5.Neter Supreme - Gnosis (Akw bAk DrumDown) .2017 [Original Drum Hsi]

6.Luis Radio - Eyes Of The Drums .2017 [Making Moves]

7.Meith ft B Show - Devil Inside Us (Original Afro Deep Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017

8.104 BPM - Fodi's Hum (Original Mix) .2017 [D.M Recordings]

9.Manoo,Raoul K ,Ahmed Sosso - Toukan (Dixon Rework) .2017 [Innervisions]

10.Atjazz - Track 6 (Mix 1) .2017 [Atjazz Recording Co.]

11.&ME - Avalon (Original Mix) .2017 [Keinemusik]

12.Problem Child Ten83 - Masenya Beats .2016 [Aluku Records]

13.XtetiQsoul - Revelation (Original Mix) .2017 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

14.Stones & Bones ft Mpumi - Masambe (Original Mix) .2017 [MoBlack Records]

15.Robbie Rivera - Feel This (Original Mix) .1996 [Strictly Rythm]

16.Soulholic,7Options - Error (Original Mix) .2017 [Iklwa Brothers Music]

17.Blaq Owl - Final Walk (Original Mix) .2017 [Blaq Owl Music]

18.Team Distant - Kronos (Original Tech Drum Mix) .PROMO/2018 [Aluku Records]

19.Culoe De Song - Rambo (Original Mix) .2017

20.NjHouseHead - This is My Music (Original Mix) .2017 [Housahaulic Records]

21.De Mongul ft Ms Mo & Makhensa - Oe Batla Kae (Original Mix) .2017

22.Meith - Oya (Original Afro Tech Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Aluku Records] PROMO RELEASE 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017

23.Kususa & Soulholic - Icilongo (Dub Mix) .2017 [MoBlack Music]

24.Enoo Napa & Soulem - Deliverence (Original Mix) .PROMO/2017 [Lilac Jeans Records]

25.Chanell Collen - Sakura (Original Mix) .2017 [Aluku Records] 


Most tracks can be brought via MP3/WAV at Traxsource.com

June 22, 2017 05:04 PM PDT

Aluku Records Various Compilation Vol.4 (Mixed by Aluku Rebels)

1hr promo mix by Aluku Rebels for this years Aluku Records Compilation Vol.4 exploring the more afro electronic sounds from South Africa and Botswana.

All tracks in this track list are now avilable in the link below via Aluku Records on Traxsource

Traxsource link:


Track list:

1.Behr - Spoeks (Original Mix)

2.Leeu - Mutwa Stone (Deep Mix)

3.Vaal Deep - Ravenclaw (Dark Mix)

4.Ace Mantez - Deep into Thoughts (Original Mix)

5.Neuvikal Soule - The Brightness (Harizon on Mars Mix)

6.Soulem - Mirrors (Original Afro Tech Mix)

7.Dj Chrispin,Team Distant,Han-C - Sedi Laaka (Benny T's Botswana Afro Tech Instrumental Mix)

8.Chanell Collen - Sakura (Original Mix)

9.Infected Soul - Stratosphere (Original Mix)

10.De Cave Man & TonicVolts - Phoenix (Original Mix)

11.Enoo Napa - Pluto's Calling (Original Afro Tech Mix)

12.Tribe Franko - I (Original Mix) 

 Supported by

Vinny da Vinci,Booker T,Abicah Soul,Hyenah,Da Capo,Djoon,MoBlack,Shimza,Djeff,Souldynamic,Carlos Mena,Zepherin Saint,Hanna Hais,Floyd Lavine,Pablo Martinez,Just Mo,Madorasinthehouse,Sabine Blazin,Craig Smith,Dj Angelo,At One,Rancido,Pascal Morais,D-Malice,Jonny Miller,Jackson Brainwave,Djuma Soundsystem Marcia Carr, and more.... 


Hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting artist and label.

Aluku Records(London,UK)

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